Coupon Book

About Our Fundraiser

 Community Values Fundraising is in it's 5th year of publishing theSchool Fundraising Coupon Book.

In 2012 we researched fundraising in the schools and found out that the local schools wanted to reach out to the local businesses....the local businesses wanted to contribute to their local schools and to their community, and the community wanted to be able to support both the local schools and the local businesses.   We got to thinking about the energy that could be created by combining these three important pieces of the puzzle.... Schools....Businesses.... Community.  We created something that would benefit all three.  The School Fundraising Coupon Book was created with this idea in mind.  The book that we came up with has over $400 of FREE Buy One...Get One deals from the local businesses.  The Community buys it for $10 and the Schools raise 70% to 80% of the profits.  It is a Win, Win, Win..  Since 2012 we have raised over $150,000 for our local schools.